CBD Dosing Guide

CBD Dosing Guide

Antonio Garcia on Sep 9th 2021

CBD Dosing is more art than just mere science. Every Cannabidiol/ Marijuana product that you buy comes with guidelines to take that product. However, users' experience can still vary. There are a few factors which can affect the consumption quantity.

Factors Like

Body Weight

Body Chemistry


Your age

Health status

The bad news is that the FDA is not regulating it, so there is no official data available for its dosage. However, there are some best practices that people can follow.

Chart Of CBD Dosing:

The standard measures are basically as per the body weight and tolerance level of the user. Start with 1 mg to 6 mg every 10 lbs of your body weight.

Body Weight Range     Dose Range
   Low       Medium       High
100 to 150 lbs
   10 mg to 30 mg
      21 mg to 74 mg
      50 mg to 90 mg
151 to 210 lbs
   15 mg to 42 mg
      31 mg to 104 mg       75 mg to 126 mg
211 to 270 lbs
   21 mg to 54 mg
      43 mg to 134 mg       105 mg to 162 mg

Consumption Method

Lower Dosing Options:

1. Tinctures (5 to 20 minutes):

  • Tinctures

Higher Dosing Options:

1. Oral (30 to 90 Minutes):

  • Edibles
  • Foods or Drinks
  • Powder Capsules

2. Transdermal (1 to 3 minutes):

  • Transdermal Patches
  • Ointments
  • Balms
  • Lotions

Wrap Up:

When you are beginning, it is better to start with the lowest recommendation, build tolerance level, and gradually opt for higher doses. Taking CBD dosing according to weight and tolerance is highly crucial.