CBD in the Human Body

CBD in the Human Body

Antonio Garcia on Sep 9th 2021

Effects vary person to person, some people may experience results instantaneously while others may take 2 weeks to a month to feel results. You have to be patient, and sometimes get into a routine taking CBD daily to eventually feel constant daily relief.

Experimenting is good.

CBD Effects Per Medium:

Edibles and Capsules:

It takes around 1 hour to feel the impact, and the impact will remain there for almost 6 hours

Tinctures (sublingual administration):

It affects the body within an hour, and in less than a day it leaves your body


1 hour to experience its working relief can last 4 to 6 hours


These stats are just a rough estimate as the actual scope of influence will depend on the ratio of CBD in the products that you are using. Therefore, please take note of how much Cannabis is present in the products that you are using.