​Guide to CBD for Pets

​Guide to CBD for Pets

Raven Johnston on Sep 9th 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is derived from the hemp plant and has tons of benefits for cats and dogs. It is one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. It is a staple in today’s pet health industry.

Is CBD Safe for My Pets

Dogs possess an endocannabinoid system that has a high concentration of CB1 receptors in the cerebellum, and since CBD interacts with these receptors, so they have increased sensitivity for CBD but it is okay to give it to your dog. Although it is generally advisable to consult veterinarians, in the right doses, CBD oil is very safe and effective for your cats or dogs. Studies suggest that it is safe for animals since there have been no recorded adverse reactions.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats

Studies have revealed that CBD oil strengthens the immune system and reduces anxiety in cats and dogs. It is also great for arthritis by combating inflammation, making it a good soothing element for pets suffering from arthritis or joint pain. Lots of dog owners also use CBD to help control seizures.

It is also believed to be great for neurological disorders, arthritis, joint pain, blood disorders, tumors, and cancers. CBD oil for cats provides relief for chronic kidney disease (CKD), restores appetite, alleviates the feeling of nausea, and also combats inflammation.

How to Give CBD to Your Pets

Some of the best ways to give CBD to your pets are:

  • Food: Simply stir the recommended dosage of CBD oil into their food, wet or dry.
  • Treats: We offer infused dog treats that have pre measured doses in each treat, or if you have a bottle of CBD oil at home you can drip some directly on a regular dog cookie to dose them as well.
  • Direct: The simplest approach to dosing your pup with CBD is the direct way. Some dogs may enjoy the flavor of the oils alone, so you may not have to trick them into eating it.

Regardless of the means you use, you might want to give them lower doses of CBD oil at first. You can then increase the dose as you deem fit. Just like humans, we suggest microdosing to figure out the perfect dose for your cat or dog.

Will CBD Pet Treats Get My Pet High?

No, CBD will not get your pet high. Alot of CBD pet products do not even contain THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), in fact none of the pet products we carry contain THC at all. However, just like CBD for humans, the legal amount of THC allowed by the FDA in any CBD product is 0.03% which is not enough to impair. Regardless, CBD pet treats are becoming increasingly popular for pets because they are believed to treat some ailments that disturb cats and dogs like seizures and anxiety (among others).