What is Microdosing? How to Microdose CBD Oil

What is Microdosing? How to Microdose CBD Oil

Raven Johnston on Sep 9th 2021

Ever heard about the term "microdosing" before?

With increased attention to the cannabidiol world, fuelled by its effectiveness in offering therapeutic value, taking small doses throughout the day is a good start to figuring out how much your body needs.

Simply put, microdosing is a way to consume CBD as you learn your optimal dose. It’s good to take note of how much CBD you are taking every day, cannabidiol is not regarded as a drug and therefore lacks prescription and dosing information like most over the counter medications. Too much of anything can be detrimental while anything less than its potent size won't bring out the desired results which is why microdosing is important in figuring out the perfect dosage.

Taking the cannabinoid alongside other drugs calls for optimized doses to avoid competition of synthesis sites in the liver. Consult your primary care physician before taking CBD regularly or mixing with any other medication.

How to microdose cannabidiol

How do you know the best dose of CBD for your condition? It's simple, take small amounts of your favorite CBD product several times a day while noting the amount taken. You can increase or decrease your amount till you feel optimum results kicking in.

It's all about finding your sweet spot. Microdosing works in a trial and error formula but in the end produces the best results by ensuring that you get healed and don't fall for any side effects.

Some users who have conquered microdosing advise that listening to your body is your biggest task so you change your gears appropriately.

In conventional pharmacology, doses are determined by the severity of the condition you’re trying to alleviate. The good thing about cannabidiol is that it is well known to have a number of therapeutic benefits. The specific application and severity of your condition each passing day is what calls for a tweaked dose.

You may be creative with how you get your optimal dose. For instance, CBD for anxiety may require a varying dose when compared to CBD for inflammation. Get the best dose for every application and then tweak it from there accordingly if you are using different CBD products for different conditions.

Choosing your bottle wisely

Different cannabidiol brands exhibit varying CBD qualities. The amount of cannabidiol in your chosen product and it's overall potency will heavily determine how much you take. Know the potency of your CBD before incorporating it in your daily health and wellness routine. Changing your bottle may require starting your microdosing experience all over again. However, if you are keen enough with the potencies of the two bottles it won't take you long before getting back on track.

We suggest buying higher strength bottles so you can use partial drops instead of using full droppers of lower strengths.